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Anonymous said: who does ryan play in drive?

I this must be some kind of joke

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Anonymous said: OKay so I live in the suburbs outside Detroit and I really really want to meet Ryan while he's here. Can you help me how do I do this? Idek where they'll be shooting exactly.

Nope,mate,i cant

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Anonymous said: Ale, I really like your blog, but I was wondering why you will not answer my questions. I have asked twice about scenes in Place Beyond the Pines. Unfortunately, I cannot see it in the theater because of money reasons and wanted to know about them as I have seen pictures here on tumblr. If I was rude when I asked, I apologize, I was just hoping you could answer them.

Hm,i did not recieve your question,that is the first key point and the second is that i havent seen it myself.

P.s. thanks for the kind words


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Anonymous said: where did you find the picture of Ryan in the pool?

I guess Tumblr,Google

U name it

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