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Anonymous said: Do you have a link to the video of ryan dancing with ellen?

Since i can do so magic


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Anonymous said: I've read several synopsis of the Place Beyond The Pines (as I cannot see it in the theater) but I can't seem to figure out when the sex scene between Luke and Romina takes place. Now many things about the timeline as a few are conflicting 1) when Romina comes to see Luke at the fair and he gives her a ride home, is that before or after Jason is born? 2) does the sex scene occur before or after Jason is born? I'm just curious and was hoping you could fill in the blanks for me. Love ur page

Hey.lovely person.Im really sorry,but..yeah…still haven’t seen it:(

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hologramic said: What is your favorite film that gosling has starred in? (sorry if you're annoyed by these messages, but I was so curious about this question)

noo,not at all!

i really like blue valentine and drive,the best ones IMHO!

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Anonymous said: Prova prova bannamento, Hahahahah!!!


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Anonymous said: Hi, I love the twins quote, do you have the source to share? please please please

There’s pleeenty of them,don’t have one:(

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hologramic said: Thank you for creating and running this amazing blog! You do a wonderful job and I adore your posts! <3

Thank you! I adore you as well,lovely human being


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bothheartsbeatlikeametranome said: Hey! What movie is your 9th picture down? the one where there are a bunch of pics with Ryan and in a few he is wearing suspenders?

Heeello! I bet you are tlking about “The Gangster Squad” ^^

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Anonymous said: do you think ryan & eva will last?

Only time will tell us

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I am reeeally into a mood for discussing all sorts of movies.

SEND ME YOUR FAVE MOVIE and tell me why it is your favorite and I will be really happy to interact with you!



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Anonymous said: Blue Valentine is one of my favorite movies, not only because of Ryan but also Michelle! ugh she's so wonderful...But their chemistry is what does it! I truly feel like they really fell in love... It's just unbelievable to me how good they both are in that movie. It's hard to imagine that him and Eva have as good of chemistry in TPBTP. obviously they did because they started dating...but please tell me, does it look nearly as good as with MIchelle? It doesn't look like it in pictures.

Well I have no idea what is their relationship like in real life,but if Ryan went for Eva and is dating and living with her,I guess there was something extra special between them.

Btw,when Michelle and Ryan were preparing for the role they used to live in the same flat in order to understand all of the bits and bobs of how it is to share your life with another person.

Yeah,they had some really cool romantic moments in the movie,but it mostly shows you how even a strong love at a young age,accidental pregnancy can lead to a marriage and then it clearly allows you to witness how daily routine,fights etc. enable the fading of that love people used to have between them,IMHO.

Haven’t seen the pines,so I can’t say anything about their on-screen chemistry with Eva.

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